Imagine a world where things are intelligent connected and products or services reach their destinations as quick and easy as possible. In the time of urbanization and rapid change, we believe in concepts, which unite modern cities and future transport infrastructures.

In most cases city center transport has already achieved their limits. According to statistics the total area covered by the world’s cities is set to triple in the next 40 years. With a steady increase of population and traffic, alternative mobility concepts are needed. We believe in the future of urban micro-mobility, which is emissions free and consider the user requirements.

Also we accept the challenge to find solutions for the tight and highly frequented city traffic, as well as optimizing transfer routes. For delivery staff and service providers we want to ensure delivery times and make workplaces more comfortable. On the one hand we take technology aspects into account and on the other, the way people use and apply things, to give them the best possible support in their everyday life. Premises for all our products are resource-saving aspects and modular concepts combined with alternative drive systems.

We are the future. We are LEAN mobility.

Mobility Concept
and Features

LEAN Mobility

LEAN is our mobility concept

  • for lightweight and resource-saving
    design and material concept
  • for effective and efficient driving
  • for application-oriented operation
  • for needs of consumers and users

Scenario 1

Light and Effective

Change from power road to cycle path (driving mode)


Scenario 2

Application Oriented

Modular cargo structure


Scenario 3

Application Oriented

Loading and unloading


Scenario 4

User Oriented

Easy entry



LEAN Mobility

In order to meet the requirements, we have adopted a modular concept:



Passenger cell



Universität des Saarlandes
CSI Alu Car


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